A spiritual belief in some kind of God does not mean you must hold to

any one, particularly well-defined, Religious Denomination or Label.

No, it only means you are inclined to believe in some natural oneness,

a wholly integrated framework of soul with Something hard to pin down.

E.g., non-religiously, can you not feel a wholly oneness AND unity worthy

of admiring,  not coveting, in even highly up-scale at-any-cost residenses?)



Mobius-ity As Spiritual "AT ONE-ING"

Yale S.Y. Landsberg,


Mobius-ity seeks to in a trans-theism way respond to Gregory Bateson,

the great cyberneticist, psychotherapist, anthropologist, war hero, Patron

Saint & oyster-like "grain of sand" for our Wholeness Is Oneness Project.

Like him, we try to address this stuck-in-the-muddle/middle common view:


"...I find myself still between the Scylla of

established materialism, with its quantitative thinking,

applied science, and 'controlled' experiments on the one side,

and the Charybdis of romantic supernaturalism on the other.

My task is to explore whether there is a sane and valid place for

religion somewhere between these two nightmares of nonsense.

Whether, if neither muddleheadedness nor hypocrisy is necessary to

religion, there might be found in knowledge and in art the basis to

support an affirmation of the sacred that would celebrate natural unity."



Welcome to Mobius-ity

Our kind of mobiusity is a

"Mobelisk" melding and molding,

one much like the dual-aspect monisms

of Spinoza, Stuart Kauffman & Thomas Nagel;

an architecture, which is both material -- AND spiritual.

And note the above quintessential nature of the Mobelisk's tip top!

It is where the below 4 diagonals of the central square, AKA, monad" meet up.



Is ours a new millennium key to unlocking a perennial secret

about Leibniz' and Cusa's "union of complementary opposites"?


Surely unlikely. On the other hand...


Some examples of Mobius-ity's Mobelisk-based Architectures

The above are three variations of our patent-pending its-inside-is-its-outside-AND-its-outside-is-its-inside "MoBox" structures. Plus, you can put two Mobius-ity hull-like containers together to make a a single one-sided MoBox enclosure! We have unearthered an even more "heavenly" seamless Mobius-ity "MoBethElisk", a construction which is currently under the radar, so to speak. Below are the steps for constructing both of the above more publicly available single and dual hull-like MoBoxes.


How does Mobius-ity fit in with the growing desires of all people of good will for greater spirituality?

Gregory Bateson said, "My task is to explore whether there is a sane and valid place for religion..."

Our time & space response per OSS-hero Bateson's challenge to those who seek to find material ways to be at one with the spiritual is this: To all of you who already see religion as sane as well as those of you who would like to see religion as inspiring sanity, our Mobius-ity project proposes a pre-and post-orthodox set of "self-referencing frames of reverence" candidates: mathematically rigorous the-outside-is-inside & the-inside-is-outside architectural places which are inherently whole and one in a uniquely Mobius Strip way. And as found in both large and small Mobelisk-based structures (in both buildings and other housings) when you are ready for such experiences. There and then you can begin to feel yourself in the presence of something uniquely profound; and just by allowing yourself to logically as well as emotionally intuit that legendary  sacred wholeness and oneness of everything as revealed in both scriptures and every scientific "Aha!". The bad news is that kind of sense of wholeness and oneness is not easily gained by those with no need to go beyond the warmth and comfort that most of us still feel in conventional holy settings. The good news is that there maybe lots of spiritual seekers and religious dissidents out there ready for Mobius-ity; both those whom Bateson sought to assist, as well as others who have never lost their faith. In both cases, good souls who much too often these days have more than ever been architecturally and otherwise distracted & divided from God's other children by the wiles and wares of modern-day corporatism. Perhaps for some spiritual explorers and religious revolutionaries, the time for all sorts of revivals, including Mobius ones, has come?


Mobius-ity Structures:
Just 1 side and 1 edge.

AND Always Where
'Us' + 'Them' = 'us'.